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¤Vulcano: No Bluetooth file transfers to other mobile phones Contacts lack a swipe-to-delete or mass delete feature No SMS/MMS delivery notifications No smart dialing (but Spotlight is a somewhat of a substitute) No DivX or XviD video support and no official third-party application to play that The whole iPhone is too dependent on iTunes - you cannot add the same type of content (video, photos, apps) to the phone from two computers, a regular file management interface would have been much better

¤Vulcano: What’s still missing: No Flash support in the web browser No true multitasking for all applications iOS4 for iPhone 3G has limited new feature set Poor performance on iPhone 3G No quick toggles for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or 3G No social networking integration No info widgets on lockscreen or homescreen SMS tones are still not customizable No mass mark emails as read No proper file browser or access to the file system No USB mass storage mode No vibration feedback when touching the screen

¤Vulcano: Homescreen wallpapers Folder organization of the homescreen icons Multitasking and fast app switching Google/Wikipedia search in Spotlight Bluetooth keyboard pairing support SMS character counter SMS search Email threading Unified Email inbox Email archiving is now available when you setup Gmail Spell checker iPod music player can now create, edit and delete playlists 5x digital zoom in still camera Touch-focus in video capture (for video enabled iPhones) Keyboard layouts span over

¤Vulcano: http://www.symbianity.com/naujienos/spauda/8371-iphone-4g-vs-iemanieijei-telefonei-elitd.html

bog: su ta kinija juokinat :lol6: viska toj kinijoj dabar gamina, o jei nusprende iki galo ten surinkinet, tai vien del to, kad siauraakiu darbo jega pigesne

¤Vulcano: http://mobai.lt/news.php?extend.9091.9 pagaliau 5mp=flas= 720p video rec. = wi-fi= hsdpa 7.2mb/ps
Redaguotas: 06.08 11:55

*MarsietuX: vel pasikartojo bajeris su paslaptinguoju iphone4g www.mobili.lt/lt/pasaulio_naujienos/apple_kompanijos_oficialiai_nepatvirtintas_iphone_4g_rastas_ir_vel.html

sudukas: www.mobili.lt/lt/pasaulio_naujienos/dar_vienas_apple_reklaminis_triukas.html

¤Vulcano: Naujas 4g išleistas (neoficialiai) nera dar jo pardavime.

¤Loganas: Aha, kinijoj, skaičiau apie tai:), ir kokybe suprastėjo:taip:

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