[Tip] Use of Blue light LED

According to N73 user guide, the blinking blue light used to inform everyone (including its owner) that it’s not “death”, but is in the deep sleep mode to save battery power reserves!

By default, N73 factory setting turns on the sleep function, which will black out N73 screen display to achieve optimum battery power saving mode. However, you can turn it off any time.

So, the N73 blinking blue light is served as a power indicator. If you see the blue blinking while the screen looks blank and black, it means N73 is still power on. Without that blue light, no one could tell that N73 is power on, until any key is pressed to light on the screen.

As the screen is lit on and screen saver is playing to protect the screen from burning, the battery power reserve will depleting at faster rate and in turn shorten the battery life as well.

Anyway, I find that the N73 blue light LED is cool like a blinking star at night! And also its great power saving sleep function!

P/S: The N73 blinking blue led is also indicating Bluetooth availability!
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