[Tip] : Another use of “C” key

I always wished to have a key on mobile like we have on pc keyboard and that is called ‘Delete’ or ‘Del’. When you press ‘delete’ on keyboard it deletes the words on right side and when you press the ‘backspace’ on keyboard, it deletes the words onleft side. So on mobile when you press ‘C’ key, it works like the key ‘backspace’ but i want another way too.

Maybe this tip is not new to you, but it is for me. So finally today i managed to do that. To make it work like delete , just keep pressed the pencil key and then press ‘C’ key and there you go.

Some others are you can delete any app without going to app manager. You can delete any contact or sms, any thing from gallery without pressing options and then delete that. In multitasking bar you can exit any app with this C key.

NOTE: This tip may not work on some sets. In some sets, upper arrown works as pencil.
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