Roxette - I'm Sorry

The first time we met time stood still / You left me breathless /Suddenly spechless / Within the hour we were one / Two totalstrangers kissing the moonlight / Oh, you know I'm sorry I had togo / I'm really sorry it had to die / I'm really sorry I made youcry / Cry / We fell in love between the nights / Of too manylovers and too many teardrops / And fate won't resist some satinsheets / I was so helpless / Totally ruthless / Oh, you know I'msorry I had to go / I'm really sorry you're hurt inside / I'mreally sorry I made you cry / Cry, cry / Love is lifting you upand draggin' you down / Makes you go round and round and round /Time makes a stop then it's all gone / Funny how memories keeplingering on.

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